Get Ready! Total Amiga Issue 22 is at the printers!

Date 2-Nov-2005 12:40:41
Topic: Announcement

The much anticipated issue 22 of Total Amiga Magazine has now gone to print, if you haven't subscribed yet, here's what you are missing out on this, filled to bursting point, issue....

Roundup of Amiga related news items including.
- Troika Amy'05 special news feature.

Amiga OS 4 Update.
MorphOS Update.
Big Bash 3 show report.
Amigathering 6 show report.
Micro AmigaOne audio update.

Interview with Jamie Krueger of Bit by Bit.
Interview with Dave Fisher and David Burström of the IBrowse team.

Amiga Forever 2005 Premium Edition.
AmiDisk, OS 4 native file manager.
X-Net RSS.
Broken Sword.
Battle for Wesnoth.
Rexx Programmer's Reference book review.
On the Edge book preview.

Optimising Graphics Memory Usage in OS 4 tutorial.
World of Wi-Fi including security tutorial.

We anticipate posting to subscribers around the 12th of November.
You can still subscribe to Total Amiga Magazine in time for this issue.

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