Amiga Future Issue 57 (November/December 2005) out

Date 4-Nov-2005 9:42:58
Topic: Announcement

Today the issue 57 (november/december 2005) of the Amiga Future has been released.

This means that all subscriptions and single orders have been brought to the postal office today.

This issue contains reports for almost all sectors. So we have reviewed Apache for Amiga, MorphOS on PowerUP and Amiga Forever 2005 Premium Edition thoroughly.

However we didn't forget about games like Wild Flyin (with interview), Battle for Wesnoth or Truson.

Of course there is a variety of specials like TroikaNG, Amiga 1200 in a car, a report about the Games Convention and a programming workshop.

But these are only a few of the articles.

On our cover CD we offer you a long list of full versions again:

Med Soundstudio 1.03c
Bandit Mania
Willy Castle Dreams
Winning Post
Technology 2
Psycho Squares
Desert Apache

Under you can find a more detailed description of contents and also some reading try-outs.

The Amiga Future can be obtained directly from the editorial office, from the APC&TCP and from your Amiga dealer.

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