Status update for Paihia - new web browser in development

Date 6-Nov-2005 5:47:24
Topic: Software News

A status update of the new standards compliant browser Paihia can be found at - Read on!


Grande Paihia is a modern, small, fast, and portable web browser. With complete support for XML, HTML 4, CSS 2.1, DOM level 3, and EcmaScript 3, Grande Paihia is more than capable of dealing with most of your internet needs. Grande Paihia is written from the ground up and is not based on any existing web software.

Versions for all the various Amiga systems are planned. Progress is slow but steady. As of November 2005, the CSS engine is all but done and being tested using the W3C test suite - biggest issue to arise from testing is performance. The language parts of EcmaScript are done, the object library isn't. And DOM level 3 is about 20% complete. All of this and the source code for the Paihia web engine is less than 700k uncompressed. Visual Studio compiles the engine to a binary around 300k in size - a tiny fraction the size of anything else in the field!

While Amiga users everywhere have been pining for IBrowse 3.0, smithy has been working hard on his browser for the last year or two, and hopes to release it in 2006! Keep coding, smithy!

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