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Date 8-Mar-2003 15:33:46
Topic: Software News

SatraDB, an Amiga based Database Management System is being developed and has been for several years now. As this is a part time project, progress is slow. After saying that, work is progressing well even if it is not at the speed everyone would hope for.

Due to the imminent release of the AmigaOne and AmigaOS 4 it has been decided that a version of SatraDB for the classic Amiga (OS 3.9 and below) will not be released. Instead, as soon as the new hardware and OS are available all existing code will be migrated to the PPC architecture, at which point development will continue solely for AmigaOS 4.

The design of SatraDB is 90% complete with development reaching 81% complete.

Current development effort is on the lock management sub system.

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