new version of Scalos available

Date 13-Nov-2005 20:54:30
Topic: Software News

There is a new beta version of Scalos (41.2) available for 68k and Morphos at this site :

here are the changes :

Improvement: Eliminated artificial "MaxWBArgs" (= 64) limit for WBArgs[]. Now number of selected icons is actually counted, and count is used to allocate WBArgs arrays.
Bugfix: striped text windows wre not refreshed correctly beyond rightmost text icon column.
Improvement: mcpgfx.library is no longer required.
Bugfix: File operations with multiple selected sources displayed incorrect remaining time.
Bugfix. (Rename.module) could not rename orphaned icons (icons w/o object).
Bugfix: FileTransClass returned wrong error code when an error was encountered while copying objects, and "replace all" has been selected.
BugFix: (Rename.module) Under "Viewbyicons" view mode, icons name without objects weren't returned. A error DOS was occurred.
Bugfix: incorrect first WBstart parameter wa_Lock for project icons caused dnetc client to start in command line window.
Improvement: Thumbnails are now generated in 256 (or less) colors for icons that don't support true color, e.g. glowicons or newicons.
Bugfix: double-clicking icons during thumbnail generation now works.
Improvement: Scalos now tries to always generated thumbnails for visible icons first.
Improvement: Added menu commands "Copyto" and "MoveTo".

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