Presentation of ALINEA Computer in public

Date 13-Nov-2005 23:50:57
Topic: Announcement

Wehrheim, Germany, the 14th of november 2005.
Alinea Computer is proud of presenting itself as a new company for Amiga-Software. We are an enterprise which concentrates it's work mainly on the development and the distribution of AmigaOS4-applications and -games. Besides, we offer support services like CD-production, webdesign and dataprint.
The following Amiga-Software is now available:

ANotice 2 - a memo programme

ANotice 2 is a memo programme for your workbench. It will help you to manage your notes, dates, to-do-lists or other important information. You can easily and fast change the notice and export it into different text-formats.
ANotice 2 can manage up to 13 notes and each note can be designed individually with 13 different background and text- colors, 7 textures, different fonts and 4 text attributes.
Besides the large reaction-prefs which can controll all functions, ANotice 2 includes a network-function with client-server-programme, so that distributing a to-do-list in an enterprise can easily be done.
ANotice 2 was programmed as a commodity and runs totaly system friendly.
It operates on each Amiga with at least AmigaOS 4.0. You do not need any other libraries or additional programmes.

ANotice 2 is delivered by E-Mail and costs 5,95 Euro only.

AmiPhoto - a quick and comfortable photo-manager

AmiPhoto is a photo album for your digital photos and pictures. It's easy handling and attractive GUI will convince you. You can manage up to half a million pictures in 500 albums at the most. You can show the photos on the surface or by multiview. Because of a direct support of the Amiga OS4.0 datatype-system, it is possible to use all picture-formats which exist as datatype. AmiPhoto can further select and show the EXIF-dates of your digital photos.
For adapting perfectly on your workbench-skin, AmiPhotos uses it's own Bitmap-skin-system. The 17 skins you find on your CD will help you to style your AmiPhoto surface. You can certainly create your own skins. We would be proud to present your skin on our website.
AmiPhoto is programmed totaly system friendly. It supports the application library and does not need any additional libraries.

AmiPhoto is delivered an CD and costs just 19,95 Euro.


The main ambition of Alinea Computer is to support the Amiga market. That's the reason why we will continue releasing programmes free of charge, so that the existing lack of Amiga-Software can be repaired. We hope you can use our software and we would be happy to hear some feedback concerning our products.

On our website: you'll find more information.

You can buy all our products in our Alinea-Shop. As a dealer, please address yourself via E-Mail.

We would be glad to welcome you as a new customer!

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