AROS cross-compilers

Date 17-Nov-2005 21:33:14
Topic: Software News

The cross-compiler effort now includes AROS as a target. Install these new binaries right along side of your OS3 and OS4 binaries and compile for all three plattforms. Binaries for i686-linux so far, i686-cygwin will follow.

More help on AROS programming can be found on AROS-Exec. There's a development forum there.

The AmigaOS4 cross-compilers have also been updated to 4.0.2 a while ago, available for i686-linux and i686-cygwin. Also I compiled ppc-amigaos-gcc 2.95.3 so it works with the new SDK layout. Just for completeness ;)

Jocke 'Zerohero' Birging

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