New audio Track from Bjorn Lynne

Date 8-Mar-2003 21:28:50
Topic: News

Bjorn Lynne has released his Audio-Track "Back in the Big Time" on as free downloadable MP3.

You may remember him as the Scene musician Dr Awesome/Crusaders, or as Divornium, as well as being the main musician for games development house Team17.

On the site he writes:

I hope you'll like the track. I did everything myself on it, including the sexy "uh..." voice , the "bap-bap-bap-baaah" singing, the funky wah-wah guitar, etc.

The keyboard solos were deliberately included exactly as they were played on the first take, without any corrections or re-takes. I wanted to capture them exactly as they just fell out the first time, with imperfections and everything.

The bass guitar sound is taken from my own instrumental sample-CDROM "Top Production Samples" ( ) which contains a lot of instruments and loops for use in your own music.

I have also entered this track into a contest/review thing at the other music site, But it hasn't entered the "voting stage" yet. I will write again if/when this track goes into voting at MakeAStar, and hope for your vote then.

This is the 6th or 7th track I have created in a kind of "jazzy" mood. I had quite a good response earlier to the tracks "Lounge Living" and "Understatement". Maybe I'll make a CD with all my jazzy tracks, just to do something different.

My CD "Wolves of the Gods" is on a 14-days-only special offer during which the CD can be purchased for $12.99 instead of the normal $18.99, and there is now only 2 days left of this offer. Furthermore, you can download one track ("Kyrania") from the CD, for free in full CD quality, also for only 2 more days. So if you want to get in on this offer, please see today or tomorrow.

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