AmiKit has been released!

Date 26-Nov-2005 21:44:18
Topic: Software News

To be brief, AmiKit is all you need if you want to experience a high-end Classic Amiga system on your PC.
AmiKit turns the default AmigaOS installation into a completely renewed and fresh environment.
More than 20.000 files are included and pre-configured for immediate use!

AmiKit is available at

Exclusive features:

- Directory Opus Magellan II used a Workbench replacement!!!
- Special versions of AmiStart, GlobalTrash, ReqChange, ShowAmiga96 and FullPalette!

Major features:

- User-friendly interface that helps you to manage all your files in an easy way!
- Internet browsing, mailing, chatting and downloading using various programs like AWeb, IBrowse, YAM, SimpleMail, AmIRC, AmiTradeCenter, AmiGift...
- Reading PDF, M$Word, RTF and other document formats with the help of APDF, EvenMore, Antiword...
- Manage your time and account with the help of Daywatch and HomeBank.
- Music software, net streaming, MP3 creating and sample editing software like AmigaAMP, AmiNetRadio, EaglePlayer, SymphoniePlayer, LAME, TheMPegEncGUI, SampleEditor...
- Displaying (even in thumbnails) and editing pictures with the help of PicShow, Thumb, MysticView, FroggerNG, PerfectPaint... Or enjoy the fractal world through ZoneXplorer!
- Easy handling of archives. They are opened like every other drawer. Or some external programs could be used instead (VooDoo-X, MUIUnArc, XPKatana)...
- Massive FTP support through OpusFTP module. It has a full GUI for the Address Book and operational parameters.
- Software for burning and copying the CDs (MakeCD), for mounting virtual CDs (VirtualCD).
- You can make your AmiKit password protected. Just don't forget your password
- Pre-configured recognition and processing of many file formats (through the DOpus filetypes)...
- Various system tools like SysInspector, SnoopDos, Q-Device, ShowPatches...
- Antivirus software effectively checks the system files, memory and archives for viruses.
- Emulation software like ASp for retro ZX gaming...
- Great taskbar software: AmiStart (for those who do not like the taskbars on Amiga, simply remove AmiStart from WBStartup. Easy!)
- Most advanced Amiga "recycle bin" software: GlobalTrash.
- Visual enchancers and system enchancers like VisualPrefs, Birdie, TitleShadow, BoingBall, MagicMenu, MCP...
- Warp3D compatibility thanks to QuarkTex software...
- Yes, some games are included as well
...and much more!

AmiKit is available at

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