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Date 28-Nov-2005 7:45:09
Topic: Software News

My various pieces of OS4 software have been updated in the last week or so..

RockBEAT 1.3.1 - Create drumming tracks and export as WAV files! Screenshot - RockBEAT
WookieChat 1.9.1 - Chat on IRC networks! (Internet Relay Chat). Now available for OS3.x again!
SimplePlay 3.2 - Play OGG, MP3, WAV, MOD, S3M, IT, XM, and MIDI files!

Recent changes:
- Made less crashy on exit. My timers and AHI iorequests are cleaned up properly now.
- Position LED's light up while playing, and scrolls automatically
- You can now switch between drumkits, and it will remember the last drumkit you used.

Recent changes
- When you're holding down the left mouse button highlighting text, channel messages etc are paused until you let go.
- "Unknown nick" and "Cannot send to channel" messages are displayed in their proper tabs again
- Channel lists are no longer sorted alphabetically. It was causing a huge drain on the CPU when thousands of channels were present. It sometimes led to a crash.
- No more garbled channel part messages
- "Clear all" button added to the URL Grabber window
- Added code to prevent DCC Transfers window from popping to the front when you get an incoming file if its already open in the background somewhere
- 68k WookieChat development has resumed, and it no longer hangs when recieving incoming DCC sends. A divide by zero bug in the file transfer stats function has been removed! (thank you wegster for telling me what was wrong)
- Now works with WebChat and DarkMyst networks (homes of #amiga.org and #amigazeux). Wookie was doing its connection detection in a slightly bad way previously.
- Clicking in the main chat display now activates the chat string gadget
- Outgoing swear word filter. use /filter to toggle on and off

Screenshot - SimplePlay main display
Screenshot - Jump Find window.. find songs fast in a large collection!

Recent changes:
- Shuffle and Repeat playing modes added.
- Bugfix: after a playing a song located using Jump Find, it plays the next song in the list now.
- Song name and Elapsed time is now displayed
- Fixed a playlist bug. It was adding the termination character to text strings about one character too far. So playlists were able to be corrupted after loading and saving sometimes.
- Jump find has been improved slightly. Converts _ into spaces internally
when searching for songs. So for example the song "Christina_Vidal_-_Take_Me_Away.mp3" can be found if you type in the words "take me away"
- The default icon priority is now higher to help prevent playback stuttering e.g. when accessing menus and scrolling in aweb.

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