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Date 28-Nov-2005 10:22:19
Topic: Software News

Some more positive news for AmgaOS4.

I did ask from the Digital Universe maintainers about the "promised" version for PPC amigas, and I got a quick reply. I will not copy the whole questions/answers list here, but the most important part. Also I do remind you, that the plans are not a finnished product yet.

news for the Amiga is actually brighter. We have made arrangements with a third party to continue to update the Amiga to bring it on a par (or better than) the current Mac release of the software. In addition to bringing it up to date with the current release of the Amiga OS, new capabilities (like the Hubble Guide Star catalogue) are expected to be available in the future.

I did ask the permission to share this information, if I let you also know that: Quote:
I have no idea of an ETA at this time, but the Amiga release is actually the only version currently in active development at the moment.

And finally: Quote:
we have no estimate as to when it might be available.

Esa Haapaniemi
University of Oulu

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