Interview with Mr Adam Kowalczyk - ACK Software Controls.

Date 6-Dec-2005 23:08:28
Topic: hardware OS4

It was back in December 2004 when we heard about the plans from ACK Software Controls on PowerPC-based expansion-cards for the Amiga 1200. A year has now passed and no one seem to have heard anything from ACK regarding these cards. Are the plans put on hold, or even canceled? Many questions without answers, only silence. So SAFIR decided to put on the Sherlock hat and took out the magnifying glass to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Enjoy the full article in English, Spanish and of cource Swedish.

[Edit 06-Dec-2005]
I'm glad to let you know that ACK Software Controls will indeed produce graphics cards for the PowerVixxen LT, and provide full specs for 3rd party developers.

Adam also verifies that the card works with the Mediator bus board.

[/Edit 06-Dec-2005]

A big thanks to the SAFIR-crew for helping out, especially tomazkid for the English translation and Jonas for fixing my broken HTML, also Hugo Espiņeira for the Spanish translation.

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