Only 31 Days left to get AVD at "in-development" pricing!

Date 1-Dec-2005 10:27:08
Topic: Software News

The final opportunity to take advantage of
the special "in-development" pricing and
payment plans (FDSP subscription) for AVD
(Advanced Visual Developer) for AmigaOS4(tm),
ends at the close of 2005.

[FDSP details]

You can purchase the AVD Suite v1.0, and get immediate access to it's
various components as they are being developed, for the special
"in-development" price of US $120.00 if you do so before January 1st,

You can elect to pay this as either a single payment of US $120.00 or
via the FDSP (Foundation Development Subscription Plan) where you
pay an initial installment of US $30.00, followed by 6 more installments
of US $15.00 a month (US $120.00 Total).

After January 1st, 2006 the FDSP option will no longer be available
and the price for the AVD Suite v1.0 will go up to US $199.95.

You will still be able to purchase each component separately as
they become available if you wish, but keep in mind the total price
if purchased separately is over US $200.00. So be sure to take
advantage of the "in-development" price today!


About AVD:
The Advanced Visual Developer project strives to deliver AmigaOS4(tm)
programmers with a professional integrated development environment,
that greatly reduces development cycle times for new OS4 software.

AVD's core components include the SDK Browser, ReAction GUI Builder,
Project Manager, Text Editor and Debugger. Of these the SDK Browser
and the GUI Builder are already quite useful tools in their own right. The
GUI Builder component should see public release by the end of the year.

Additionally, by purchasing AVD you also support FREEWARE developments
for OS4 like the AVD Template Project, and the soon to be available "guiX"
runtime environment which can build complete ReAction interfaces on-the-fly
from Open format XML ReActionGUI project files. (These projects files
can be built by hand or automatically generated by AVD's GUI Builder.)

See the website for more information and to download FREEWARE projects.

Best Regards,

Jamie Krueger
BITbyBIT Software Group LLC

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