New Word Me Up release

Date 1-Dec-2005 20:00:05
Topic: Software News

New Word Me Up release is now available for PocketPC and Smartphone units. Still more captivating and funny, our first Amiga-Anywhere game, that combines arcade with reflection and memorization, is today sold at a Christmas price: only 8,99$ (about 6,81) instead of 12$ (10,22), that is to say almost half of previous price! This first update is of course free of charge for previous happy purchasers of the game. Don't hesitate to try Word Me Up by downloading demo (only for PoketPC right now) that contains 4 levels (60 ones in full version). Amiga-Anywhere engine is integrated into game so you don't need extra player. With Word Me Up, take fun!

Word Me Up XXL is still going forward nicely for AmigaOS 4.0. You will be soon able to see first screenshots.

Test/buy Word Me Up PocketPC release on our distributor Amiga Inc website.
Buy Word Me Up Smartphone release on our distributor Amiga Inc website.

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