End result of the DevContest 2005

Date 5-Dec-2005 9:47:08
Topic: Internet News

Hello everyone,

Here is the result of this first AmigaOS DevContest.
This is not what you (and I) wanted it to be but this contest will be something useful after all.

As there are a lot of uploads on OS4depot, I thought more people would be interested to enter the contest. I was wrong but 8 projects were proposed. This is not bad.

I had the idea of this contest to bring more projects to the AmigaOS 4 platform. Unfortunately offering some prizes are not enough to make these projects appear now. There are more factors to take into account. Amiga developers are already busy with their own life/job.

So in the end only one project was released in time (as per the contest rules).
This is RockBeat made by James 'Jahc' Carroll.

Read all the details on the DevContest page.

The money that was raised with this contest will be given to who you think deserve it in the community. So give below the name/URL of an Amiga website where there is a PayPal button I can press and fill with money.

Many thanks to all that made this possible!

Only Amiga Makes it Possible!

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