Alinea Computer: AmiPhoto 1.1, ANotice 2 CD and christmas offers available

Date 6-Dec-2005 16:51:22
Topic: News

Wehrheim, Germany, Santa Claus 2005.

AmiPhoto 1.1
We are glad to presenting the first update for AmiPhoto. The update is only for registered customers available.

Version 1.1 changes:

o Some bugfixes of the newlib version
o You can edit EXIF comments
o You can change the picture sequence (with "+"/"-" key)
o AppIcon and AppWindow support
o Locale updates
o Double buffering for the main window
o AmiDock(AppDocky) support
o WBPattern support added
o Some GUI improvements

ANotice 2 on CD
After some enquiries of customers we have determinded to produce a CD-version of ANotice 2. You can order the CD-version at our OnlineShop for 9,95 Euro

Christmas offers
Until Christmas you can find some Christmas offers on our shop site. The entry to the offers find you in the left below information box.

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