AmiPodder 1.4 with Video Podcast Support

Date 10-Dec-2005 15:38:21
Topic: Software News

Video podcasts come to the Amiga with AmiPodder 1.4! With the release of iTunes 6 and the new iPod video many podcasters are including video clips in their podcast feeds. AmiPodder now recognises video episodes and can play them back in the video player of your choice (MPlayer and Frogger have been tested, not all video podcasts will play on Amiga players due to the codecs used). If you have a portable device capable of playing video, AmiPodder can sync the movies to it too.

Also in version 1.4 are a number of improvements and bug fixes including:

* Option to prompt for the sync directory making it easier to use AmiPodder with multiple portable players or players using removeable media cards.
* New status of "Played", so if you use AmiPodder as a "jukebox" you can see what podcasts you've already listened to.
* File name length limitation, handy if your Amiga filesystem or music player only accepts short filenames.
* Many more changes.

AmiPodder 1.4 is freeware and runs on OS 3.x, OS 4 and MorphOS.

Download the new version from:

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