Amiga Fantasy Design Change Announcement

Date 10-Dec-2005 19:57:15
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Reality Design - Project: Reality

Amiga Fantasy Design Change Announcement
December 10th, 2005

The Project Reality team just had a big meeting over the weekend and we wanted to let the Amiga community know that there has been a major change in the Amiga Fantasy design... in fact a brand new wedge style shape. We know that some of you will be disappointed that Marko HIRV's vision will remain a fantasy, but one should understand that technical issues sometimes lead to a "rewrite" so-to-speak. The Project Reality team is however pleased to come up with something as beautiful and even more modern regarding today's industry products design, preserving the Amiga visual identity thank's to our french designer that created this Amiga's evening dress. This design change will both resolve various technical issues as well as better appeal to not only the current Amiga market specifically, but also to those of new and old to the Amiga platform.

At the moment we cannot show any images of the new design, but we promise that it's already being worked on and has been in development for awhile now, and this last meeting we had was to approve the design change and how we'll go forward from here.

I can say this; you won't be disappointed in the new design, unless we fail to bring it to market. So keep your fingers crossed

Thanks for your great patience and understanding and we look very forward to release what we hope will be a wonderful Amiga computing experience for all to enjoy.

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