Introducing myself and BarsnPipes OS4

Date 12-Dec-2005 11:05:03
Topic: Announcement

Hello community,
I'm new here ... but I'm only here new ...

Because I'm new here, I want to introduce me for such friends, which never ever have had heared from me.
I'm a pensioner of illnes since near 8 years. Before I was busy as a church misician and later as a pastor in the evangelical church of thuringia in germany. With a AMIGA I'm working since 1990 (A1200 wasn't yet born).

Never I was rich enough to buy me Bars&Pipes for my musical work, but as the Blue Ribbon Inc. in 1995 was overtaken by Microsoft Inc. (they invented the Direct Audio - the base of the DirectX) Bars&Pipes was given away for free.
This was the signal to me, immeditately to get Bars&Pipes. From the beginning I had the wish to program for this incredible good tool ... unfortunately I never had the time to learn programming.
As I became ill in 1996 I had the time ... and started to program. In 1998 BarsnPipes friends asked Microsoft, to buy the source of Bars&Pipes Pro from them with the intention to furtherdevelop it. The answer was: You can get the source for 1.000.000 US$ ... clear: NO ... because nobody had the money to give such a big amount for a so rare used program.
I by myself made a homepage ( with the only theme: BarsnPipes. In that time I mailed with the "father" of BarsnPipes - Todor Fay -, and pleased him all to do, that BarsnPipes don't vanish in NIRWANA.
In Decembre 2000 he surpriced the community with the message, he want to give the source of Bars&Pipes free to some volunteers, which are willing to prepare all material to a recompileable state. I was one of the 7 lucky who had received it.
After hard working of 1/2 year I could release the source with the authorization of Todor Fay. Immediately after that I started a own further-developing line "BarsnPipes New".
The most helpful tool I use for my work is the brilliant GoldED by Dietmar Eilert. I'm using it since ca. 1993, and had updated up to version 6.
Because I'm now a pensioner, I've not the money to update away ...

NB.: I'm working on the base of Freeware, because of the incredible big gift of the source (worth 1.000.000 US$).

In 2003/04 I made a port of BarsnPipes to MorphOS on PEGASOS. (The hardware was sponsored by a dutch/english company around Ron v. Herk (genesis)).
In 2005 I signed a loan-agreement with Hyperion Inc. for a try of a port to 0S4.
From April - Septembre 05 I worked on a port to AROS (not yet finished).
At the end of Octobre I luckily received a by-Hyperion-sponsored ľA1-board for my OS4 port of BarsnPipes. Since that time I'm hardly working (near 8 hours each day). And the work is growing forward. BarsnPipes is in a relative stable state, and if all is going well, I'll try to publish a pre-release before XMas.

Hopeful this was not to much text ...

Alfred Faust

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