Toastscan external scan doublers available soon

Date 15-Dec-2005 8:45:27
Topic: Hardware News

After being unavailable for over 1 year, the Toastscan External Scan doubler with flicker fixer will be available again from Software Hut.

The Toastscan works with all Amiga software and Amiga OS and allows any Amiga model to fully display in all possible resolution modes with a normal, low cost, PC monitor. It allows the user to replace worn out or damaged Amiga monitors with a larger, better resolution display. In many cases, the Toastscan, is the only way an Amiga user whose Amiga brand monitor has failed can use their Amiga since Amiga monitors are long since discontinued. The Toastscan design also allows the popular Video Toaster and Video Flyer boards to display on a PC monitor, which is a feature most Scan Doubler/flicker fixer boards do not allow.

To find out more information please visit Software Hut's web site at:

You can click on the "Toastscan Scan Doublers Available Soon!" link located under featured products on the home page.

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