Date 16-Dec-2005 12:08:01
Topic: News

On Wednesday, 28th of December at 19:30 GMT. will have a live IRC Session with Hyperion Entertainment. The people behind OS4.

IRC Client or our "Live Chat" will take you to our IRC Channel #amigaworld

More details to come as and when we have them.
Edit, Procedures for IRC session established. (Read More)

For details on how to get on to IRC, please See our sister Site, Here:

We recommend Wookiechat

How it will work on the night.

1: Please log on to #amigaworld using Wookiechat, or whichever IRC Client you prefer.

2: When the Hyperion staff Join #amigaworld, a new channel, #amigaworld2 will be created. Everyone with a question will be invited to also join #amigaworld2

3: #amigaworld will become a moderated channel and only Amigaworld staff and Hyperion will be allowed to speak on the channel.

4: Post your questions on #amigaworld2. Amigaworld staff will look in this channel for the best questions and re-post them on the main #amigaworld channel for Hyperion to Answer.

Please spread the news around. (But please give refer back to this news item)

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