Wuzzi a game for classic Amiga is almost for release.

Date 15-Dec-2005 19:11:16
Topic: Software News

Wuzzi is a game for the Amiga 1200/4000 genre, it is similar to the tic tac toe type game in one exception, instead of having to form 3 lines and it is X against O, you must form 5 lines and it blue player verses red player. .

The game was original made from china, and the title Wuzzi is an actual Chinese name for this type game. I had a Chinese friend during my time in college and he informed of this game and ever since then it got stuck on my mind to create it for the Amiga. A great incentive, eh? At first I wanted to make the game for Amiga 500 specially suited for the basic stock A500, but then I decided let us do this right ones and for all and make for the A1200/4000 system instead. It is going to require AGA chipset as the game to have HAM-8 graphic quality.[/b]

Now comes the important part of the news, the graphics. While Engine wise 99% complete, level design should be done no more than 4 hours maximum and the game will be released for public, I am refusing to release the game or even provide screenshots for it without having to do major graphics remake. Since I am not a game graphics designer, just a programmer I am asking you to help me solve this problem. I need someone who is good at making game graphics for the Amiga to send to my email amiga500@gmail.com a sample of one of their sprites and of course by sending me a sample and accepted you are volunteering to the do the graphics for me. NATURALLY the credit will be awarded to you at the title of the game so don't worry about not be recognized. The game will be released by the end of Sunday if I get a qualified graphics designer as promised, HOW ever even if the game is completed by Sunday and I don't receive help in reworking the graphics the game will not be released at all. If you find this to be unfair and decide to make your own version and be even better than mine, good for you is all I would say, but my game will not be released for public. Weather it matter to you guys or not

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