Just in the nick of time! - Wookiechat 1.92!

Date 27-Dec-2005 18:16:19
Topic: Software News

The IRC client Wookiechat has reached version 1.92
Not only will this work on AmigaOS4 enabled Computers, but users with Classic 68k Machines or UAE can run the fully fixed OS3.x version too!
- This version features new enhhancements and bug fixes

EDIT Version 1.93 is available to Download since this item was posted

Wanna know how to get wookiechat running in time for the Q&A with Hyperion on #amigaworld on the 28th of December? Read on....

Download Wookiechat [Wookiechat Homepage] [OS4 Depot]

Getting Started with Wookiechat

Please make sure your Amiga is online, before you attempt this.

1: Download and Save the file somewhere on your Amiga
2: Unpack the archived file using either unarc or any other file unpacking tool, preferbly to RAM:

3: Once unpacked, double click your RAM Drive Icon, it should look similar to this:

4: Click and Drag your Wookiechat1.92 Drawer to a hard drive partition on your system, for example, Work, Applications, Utilities, etc.

5: Open the Wookiechat 1.92 Folder that you have just copied, (you can now delete the one in RAM:) , it should look like this.

- As you can see there are two versions of Wookiechat. Depending on your operating system, you may wish to delete the version that does not apply to you,. (This is purely optional)6:

6: Double Click the correct Icon for wookiechat partaining to your operating system.

You may have some MUI files missing on your Amiga, if this is the case, Wookiechat will tell you which MUI files are missing from your system in order for wookiechat to run. Should you have missing MUI files, panic not, check out this excellent MUI Classes resource by Zerohero.

8: Assuming that you have no problems with MUI, or you have now downloaded and installed the missing MUI files, this box out appears...

This is the most hardest part you will now have to deal with in wookiechat....
A: Under Nicknames, type a nickname that is suitable for you, do not leave the default ones on there, because everyone else will probably do the same and you cannot have the same nickname as someone else on the channel.
Ensure you enter a second and third alternative, just in case.
B: Real Name: Self explanatory, Add your real name if you so wish, or not.
C: user. leave blank for now.

9: Connecting to #amigaworld
Double click on the Amigaworld.net server on the list (third folder down) This gives you a choice of two servers (there are more) Double click on one of the two choices shown.
- a new window will appear saying, connecting to....
This will eventually connect you to....

You are now in, As you can see, I did not change the default nickname crazyhair. This means that now, no one else can come in with crazyhair, etc. Please change your nickname before connecting.

10: That's it, You are now on IRC! Enjoy!

Tip: Wookiechat has a lot of options built into it's "Settings" menu, one of the most important is channel logging. This records everything that is said on the channel you are in and any Private Messages. If you want to avoid a hard drive that gets full, I suggest you Select "Main Settings" From the Top Pulldown menu, Click Logging, and disable the Logging option.

Finally, explore all the settings, and customise Wookiechat to your requirements.

*** Don't Forget the 28th of December ***
Questions on Tutorial to Mikey C
Thanks to MIke Woods for hosting of image files.

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