BarsnPipes OS4 v. 0.50 beta released

Date 20-Dec-2005 14:58:21
Topic: Software News

I want to inform you, that you can download and try the first beta-release of the new BarsnPipes for OS4 from my homepage at:

After near 2 months of hard work, BarsnPipes OS4 is in a such stable state, that it can be tried out. But it is a Beta, don't expect too much ...

Many things where done up to now:

* MIDI-transmission is complete based on camd.library - new multiport MIDI-Tools are written - up to 10 MIDI-ports - 10x16 MIDI-channels - In and OUT
(drivers for:
- CREATIVE Soundblaster LIVE! series - emu10kx-soundchip
- CREATIVE Audigy 1&2
- TERRATEC Phase28 and ESI Juli@
- internal gameport (only MIDI-OUT)
(these all made by Davy Wentzler - many thanks)
(for ALL USB-MIDI-Standard compatible USB-MIDI-devices/interfaces - especially USB-MIDI-Interfaces are mainly capable to manage the Multiport-system - these was possible by the excellent work of Lyle Hazelwood, which have made these camdusb-MIDI-drivers - MANY THANKS)

*Tools are now processes, that means that especially the DOS-functions now available from tools (file loading and saving)

*The Timer-heartbeat of this version is stable and reliable.

*All pics are now loaded via datatypes - so all formats, which supported by the datatypes are possible.
(NB.: Is there anyone outside, who has ImageFX running. At my machine it crashes by the well know WindowedCXG-problem. I've done all possible, but nothing had solved the problem.)

*MIDI-File(*.mid) loading and saving is now part of the main program.

* and more ... and of course all the porting stuff


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