Poseidon USB V3.2 Update for AmigaOS 3.x released

Date 20-Dec-2005 16:54:32
Topic: Software News

Two years have passed since the last Poseidon USB release. Now V3.2 is available for AmigaOS 3.x and MorphOS.

The archive can be downloaded from here*

*Note: The update is not free.

So, what's new? (The full, but probably still incomplete changelog is in the guide and over 200 lines long)

- Support for Online Registration, Update and Bug reporting.
- Wacom Tablet HID Support.
- HID Output Control Window: Automatically generated GUI for HID devices.
- New Classes for MIDI, Touchscreen, Palm PDAs, IrDA (stack not included) and Bluetooth (stack not included).
- Mass storage class reworked and extended (e.g. better fall back modes, improved partition detecting for automounting, and unmounting of partitions, better boot time adapting removable task).
- HID class can now be made boot time resident, no more need for bootmouse or bootkeyboard class.
- HID lowlevel.library extension for analogue pad information.
- PoPo: Annoying Poseidon Popups for events, such as connection, removal, low power and death events. With sound support.
- Power Management added. Warns if power drain is higher than supply.
- Dead device detection.
- Severe internal changes to class scan and enumeration procedure: Less (no?) potential deadlocks.
- Automatic configuration change notification and updating.
- Support for PipeStreams.
- Full support for USB 2.0.
- Updated list of vendors.
- Devices can now be renamed by user.
- Added additional visual feedback in Trident (traffic signs).
- Configuration management added to Trident.
- Lots of fixes and optimizations.

See the full posting on the highway_usb mailing list for details:

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