GNU m4-1.4.4 ported on and to AmigaOS4

Date 21-Dec-2005 19:47:18
Topic: Software News

GNU `m4' is an implementation of the traditional Unix macro
processor. It is mostly SVR4 compatible, although it has some
extensions (for example, handling more than 9 positional parameters
to macros). `m4' also has built-in functions for including files,
running shell commands, doing arithmetic, etc. Autoconf needs GNU
`m4' for generating `configure' scripts, but not for running them.

For more information about m4 itself, read the README file included in the archive, or look at this website:

It has been configured and built directly on AmigaOS4

Download the sourcecode here:

Configured using abc-shell 0.0.36 directly on AmigaOS4:
./configure LIBS='-lm -lunix' prefix='/SDK/local' CFLAGS='-mcrt=clib2 -g -O2'

There have been no changes to the sourcecode.

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hnl_dk - Henning Nielsen Lund

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