AmigaSYS 3 Released

Date 28-Dec-2005 23:18:46
Topic: Software News

Few days later, but AmigaSYS3 has been released on 28th December, after some hard months of work!

- Amiga OS 3.0/3.1 support.
- Amiga OS 3.9 ( Amiga Forever 5/6/2005/OE , AmigaOs 3.9 , Amiga OSXL) support.
- A lot of new fix, programs , features , scripts, ideas.
- 5 fantastic Themes.
- New AmigaSYS Additional pack!
- Beneath A Steel Sky AmigaSYS pack!
- And more... and more...and more info , see AmigaSYS page!

AmigaSYS Team

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