Perl-compatible regular expression library

Date 2-Jan-2006 18:04:43
Topic: Software News

AmigaOS4 port of PCRE 6.4 (Perl-compatible regular expression library).

I have made the port as a shared version of libpcre.a (pcre.library), where You can link to the stub library, using '-lpcre -lsolib' (I am not sure about the -lsolib, but my testfiles, did need it).

I have also included the POSIX regex wrapper library (libpcreposix.a)... Link to the library using '-lpcreposix -lpcre -lsolib'.

Please read the original README file and/or visit the official website:

It has been tested with a few small applications, including the the included pcregrep and pcretest, and it has only failed on pcretest, that is crashing, when I run the runtest script. I will try to fix it, and will make some more tests.

For comments on the port and possible bugfixes, please send an email to me.

You are able to find it on, and

To install it, just unpack it to SDK:

Best regards,
hnl_dk - Henning Nielsen Lund


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