Wuzzi is finally complete! Take it for grabs!

Date 4-Jan-2006 2:51:43
Topic: Software News

After long and hard work which is silly really as this is the most simplist type of game to make, finally the game Wuzzi is complete for release. Wuzzi is a board game that represents a tic tac toe with one exception you have to form five lines instead of 3 and this is a two player game only.

Many thanks goes to Jahc (heheh, I just love teasing that guy), fishy_fis (that brain this guy have, * smouch * just full of knowledge oh baby yeah), for helping me from sticky places and pushing me through - thanks guys.

Many thanks goes for tonsofpcs for providing me the graphics I needed. While the game is complete, tonsofpcs has a new set of graphics that will replace the one included. If you don't like the graphics provided within the game, you can replace it with your very own, with of course certain exceptions. It is 5-bit apparently, so be careful as sometimes the colors will not come out as you expected, like fishy_fis said "Your code is a mess." ;)

I wanted to contribute to the community and finally I did, phew, I feel relaxed now. Have fun all and please tell me of any bugs you find. If you want me to further develop the software with new enhancements please tell me, I wouldn't mind. If you want further features, better level design, etc, I don't mind at all, even have an option menu, who knows. But I wouldn't bother do it until you all the millions of bosses out there tell me so, so I don't end up wasting my time and effort doing something and in the end it is not going to be used.

If you wish to email me you can do so via my email address at amiga500@gmail.com, Wuzzi can be downloaded from aminet.

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