New project anoon!? Oh yes, a new game coming next for Amiga 1200

Date 5-Jan-2006 2:28:06
Topic: Software News

To all out there many thanks for giving me the best feedback for my first complete and promised game for the Amiga 1200, Wuzzi. Though it toke longer than expected, sorry :-$, I have a new project now it is a combination of Arcade/Adventure for the Amiga 1200. Since I have proven I am capable of releasing what promised, even though it takes awhile but in the end you get a complete product .

The new game I am making is about a father who has his only child kidnapped from him by an evil witch. She will transform his only child into a hideous beast that will rule the world, while the father doesn't understand why his only child is used for this hideous transformation, the Witch herself knows the secret behind his child.

I am not going to say anymore about the plot and the game as I don't want to ruin the surprise for you. But there is a point to this news beside the mere fact of announcing a new project for the Amiga 1200. In order for me to make the engine work correctly I need a real graphic artist who is capable of making good sprites for Amiga games. The sprite is going to be 2D, AGA (real one this time) and size wise it is going to be 64 X 64. The sprite movement is going to be four directional movement, up, right, down, and left, it is going to be 4 animations in either direction. The style of the game is a going to be a zelda like but not really zelda, as in it is going to be live action battle with the monsters, and the animation of a sword swinging for example is going to be 2, for all directions. Say the hero is look up and swings the sword it will swing at the direction of the hero.

The game is not really an RPG game but an arcade/adventure game as mentioned above. I need someone who is dedicated and willing to go with me all the way, for now I just need someone to create me 4 sprites for the game so I can use it to develop the engine upon it. I will give you MORE details about how I want the sprites to be made, and so on, the color, the shape of the hero and so forth as soon you send me one sample sprite you made yourself for the Amiga games and sending me a in the subject: I want to make sprites for your game.

When the first four 4 sprites which are: Hero, Wall, Glass, and Rat are made I can start developing the Engine. Ones the engine is completed however it just matter of getting all the sprites I need and I can develop the world.

The game will include a construction set as well, for people who are willing to make their own adventure and share it with other people. This program is only going to be available for the classic Amiga, Amiga 1200/4000 to be precise.

Please send me an email to, with a sample of a sprite and subject: I want to make sprites for your game, remember, only send me an email if you ARE SERIOUS and wish to join me in this project. If you are accepted I will email you right away with what I want. Thanks in advance.

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