The list of Amiga games : now 10893 entries !

Date 5-Jan-2006 12:57:21
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Today, David Brunet presents the 34th edition of the Amiga Games List (in French : "La Liste des Jeux Amiga"). It's the 3rd edition to be online. The list is currently the most complete available on the Internet with 10893 Amiga games !

Here the new features since the last online edition :

- The list have now 10893 entries.
- Addition of the category "AROS" for AROS natives games.
- Addition of the category "POS" for Portable OS natives games.
- Addition of the category "Div" for games running on misc Amiga hardware : Arcadia, CuboCD32, POD, and 1000CS.
- Addition of the option "Interp" in the category "Type" for the interpreters.
- Addition of the category "Réalisé en" which show how the game was made : C, E, SDL, Amiga Basic, Hollywood, TADS, etc.
- Suppression of the option "DP" in the category "Licence". Now it's more detailled : Freeware, Shareware, Licenceware, Charityware, Hidden Games, Retro-Enginering and BSD Licence.
- Games playable on Amiga only via an interpreter have the mention "[Interprété]" in the category "Nom".
- Addition of the history of the list.
- Addition of the information page.

The list is readable here :

Do not hesitate to contribute, report errors and add infos.

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