Happy Belated Holidays and 'Thanks' to Amiga Developers

Date 9-Jan-2006 14:15:17
Topic: Announcement

I'd like to take this time to simply say 'Thank You' from all of us Amiga (and Amiga-like) users to a few Amiga developers out there, sort of as a belated 'Happy Holidays, and Thanks!' gift.

Sorry if it's not money, women, or a new car, but I've purchased a few copies of the full version of CubicIDE in the hopes you guys can find it to be of help to you in current and future development projects.

Details on CubicIDE can of course be found at Deitmar's website, at:

Note that any errors, omissions of other work done, and of course, typos, are solely my own

Having said that, a warm thanks, and a copy of CubicIDE, go out to, in no particular order:

Chain-Q/Charlie - Both a MOS and OS4 owner/developer, working on the Free Pascal Compiler port for OS4. It's truly nice to see some doing work on both platforms IMO. Free Pascal Compiler info can be found at:

FPC is used by Pixel32 and other programs. More info on Pixel32 can be found at: http://www.kanzelsberger.com/pixel/?page_id=12 and a screenshot of Pixel32 on MOS at: http://pixel32.box.sk/shot/pixel_mos3.png

Ami603 has released Emperor for OS4, available on OS4Depot , a very impressive looking GUI and Program builder tool for OS4.

Deniil715/Daniel is part of the OnyxSoft team, which has written software for AOS classic, MOS, and OS4, and most of us will recognize from his contribution of the Mplayer GUI, available from OS4Depot

Bean/Paul is responsible for bringing us TuneNet ,
also available on OSDepot, as well as the Ogg-Vorbis TuneNet plugin.

All- please drop me a PM or respond via email if you haven't already to let me know where to have CubicIDE sent to.

Before anyone asks, I chose the above people with some help, as well as with some inside knowledge as far as some people already having CubicIDE. There are
many more developers that could use our support, whether it's in the way of contributions via PayPal, betatesting and bug reports, or simply just dropping a note to say, 'Thank you!' can make a difference to some.

Happy belated holidays to all AmigaOS developers, and may your lives and code be bug free!

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