Amiga Future Issue 58 (January/February 2006) out

Date 9-Jan-2006 14:15:00
Topic: hardware OS4

Earlier than planned the new Amiga Future Issue 58 (January/February 2006) has been released.

Again you can find reports regarding all sections.

We have reviewed Desert Racing for the Classic Amiga, BlobWars for AmigaOS 4 and Virtual GP for MorphOS.

But of course there aren't only reviews of games. A MyApacheStarter review and a special about the AmigaOS 4 Prefs or RAM and a review of AmiKit are also not to be missed.

Of course this isn't the whole content of the Amiga Future. Using the URL you can find a more detailed description of content and try-outs.

Besides lots of other full versions we have Main Actor and Ports of Call (an interview with POC is also not missing) as a special highlight on our cover CD.

The number of Amiga Future editions is rising frequently. Unfortunately some of the single issue customers didn't get an issue because of this. To avoid this we please you to order your issue as soon as possible so we have a little clue how many magazines we have to print. You would help us a lot.

The Amiga Future can be obtained at your Amiga dealer (Vesalia, GGS-Data, ...) and on the Amiga Future and APC&TCP homepage.



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