Last reminder meeting 14/1/06

Date 12-Jan-2006 19:11:25
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I do this one in English since I have little time to do both french/german/dutch on the different forums.

So a last reminder for the meeting saturday 14/1/2006

What's to do:

-Since it is our first 2006 meeting and I have got great response from our members concerning the club's past & future: champaign @ 20.00 to celebrating our 2 years excistence ! On my costs so not out of the clubs pocket

-A Lotus Turbo Car Challenge with 2 linked A500's and the all famous "Arcade joystick" , who-ever ends on stage wins:
1st Place: A DVDwriter sponsored by the club itself .. nice ?
2nd Place: An OS4-game (I think) sponsored by Evert C. / Hyperion
3rd Place: A t-Shirt , again sponsored by our new hope ...

The 3 lucky ####s even get it personnaly given by Evert. I guess this is the privilege of being a member of the Belgian Club...

-Maybe some t-shirts for someone who deserved it ... how did you deserved it ? A devoted member maybe ... who knows .

-Davy Wentzler, OS4's "Mad Audioprofessor" is getting his Dutch butt overhere to show us the new products of his brain! As mentioned some Hyperionpeople will be here. Feeding them is allowed but please DO NOT nag them in to a coma! We still need them ( Well that's my opinion anyway ). Effy with his second hand hardware mobilhome is going to be here to sell you that piece of kit you always wanted! And ofcours our guestlist wouldn't be complete with Steve the Beamerguy .

Always remember, It's all about the fun of Amigacomputing both classic, OS4 machines and that thing with that blue butterfly . So I decided the Club should be fun also:
- No boring speeches ( Ok maybe some drunktalk in the early hours )
- Everyone is welcome even with UAE on your playstation, learn from each other instead of sh$tting on another!
- Economic prices what the drinks concerns and what membership concernes... it shouldn't be always about money or should I say Bill$ ?

this proved to be a succesfull formula ... there are 4 spoken languages in our club and people from France, Germany and Holland all living together instead of pissing in each corner to mark there territory. Smoking a peacepipe every now and then is my advise!

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