OS4: Apache 1.3.34 with PHP 5.1.1 and MySQL 3.23.58

Date 18-Jan-2006 17:58:07
Topic: Software News

New in this release:

* Includes latest version of PHP5. Following extensions are new in 5.1.1:
  - PDO-extension for a consistent interface for accessing databases.
    Includes these drivers:
    - sqlite2 (V 2.8.16)
    - sqlite (V 3.2.7)
    - mysql (V 3.23.58)
  - new date-extension with better timezone-support.
  - updated SimpleXML-extension V
  - updated SQLite-extension V 2.8.16
  - updated PCRE-extension V 6.2
* Includes the myApacheStarter-package V1.0 from Michael Christoph.
  Thanks to Michael!
* Added bcmath-extension for arbitrary precision mathematics functions.
* Added iconv-extension for character set conversion.
* Added Apache-info-module (mod_info) to get server configuration information.
* Lastest version of the mysql 3 client-library V 3.23.58 (PHP5 only).
* Fixed bug in strtol()- and strtoul()-function. Thanks to Michael Christoph!
* Recompiled with latest SDK an clib2.

You can download it at OS4depot

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