perl_Reaction: create OS4.0 Reaction GUIs for perl scripts

Date 19-Jan-2006 7:45:51
Topic: Software News

The first version of perl_Reaction, my new perl extension for creating perl scripts Reaction GUIs, has just been uploaded to OS4 depot. It's still in the upload queue at the time of typing this but, hopefully, will available to download soon.

perl_Reaction provides a number of modules, allowing access to boopsi objects from perl scripts. provides a selection of intuition and exec functions to create and manipulate the gui, as well as some helper functions to navigate lists and access screen data structures etc.

The other modules are named:


etc., and provide access to the classes through functions named along the lines of the various Reaction Macros.

$window_obj = WindowObject(tag,tagtype,tagvalue,[more tags],&TAG_DONE);

Pod documentation is very thin at the moment but I have also uploaded an example script which has detailed comments describing the design of the GUI. It's mostly like you'd do it in C but with a few perlish quirks.

Look for the files perl_reaction.tar.bz2 and id3editor.tar.bz2

Andy Broad

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