CD Player 2.1 released

Date 19-Jan-2006 10:21:27
Topic: Software News

#AmigaZeux releases CD Player for free! This time release includes bug fixed MorphOS version and AmigaOS/AfA version.

Changes from 2.0 to 2.1 are:

- fixed timer bugs in analog player
- AmigaOS/AfA version (just cdplayer, not extra utils)

Requirements for MorphOS version are:

- MorphOS 1.0 or newer
- FreeDB 13.0 or newer

Requirements for AmigaOS/AfA version are:

- AmigaOS 3.0 or newer
- AROS for AmigaOS extension
- 68020 + FPU
- MUI 3.8
- CGX 3
- AHI 4
- WBStart for AmigaAMP plugins
- FreeDB 13.0 or newer

Due to a bug in AfA (or in AROS) you dont get button gfx on AmigaOS currently.

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