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Date 20-Jan-2006 14:45:48
Topic: Internet News

You can join this group to discuss about Airsoft Softwair's
multimedia authoring beast Hollywood!
This is an unofficial support forum for active users and enquirers.

To join the forum visit amiga_hollywood at yahoogroups.

Hollywood is the Multimedia Application Layer for Amiga(tm) and compatible
operating systems. That means that it offers a powerful 64-bit script
language together with advanced functions that allow you to create your own
multimedia applications, ranging from a simple slideshow to a complex game.
Hollywood is distributed on a CD-ROM that contains an AmigaOS 3 (68k)
version, a WarpOS (PowerPC), MorphOS (PowerPC) and AmigaOS 4 (PowerPC)
versions, and also an AROS (i386) version.

The big advantage of Hollywood is that it does all the framework for you.
You do not have to care, for example, whether your application is going to
run on 68k, PowerPC or i386. With Hollywood it runs on all of them. Even for
the most complex operations, Hollywood has simple functions that do them,
so you can concentrate yourself on the important thing - your application.
The powerful Hollywood scheduler allows you to create presentations that are
perfectly synchronized to the music - no matter if your presentation runs on
a 50 Mhz or 1 Ghz CPU.

Hollywood is fully 32-bit enhanced which means that you can use images with
up to 16.7 million colors and an alpha channel. Additionally, it is fully
integrated into AmigaOS(tm) and does not rely on any specific custom chip
hardware to be available. Therefore, Hollywood also runs on emulations like
Amithlon or WinUAE with amazing speed. Hollywood comes with a GUI that
allows to control the program efficiently and easily.

Using the Hollywood script language, the possibilities are almost unlimited.
The basic version of Hollywood comes with over 350 functions that range
from disk operating system (DOS) functions to functions that allow you to
smoothly scroll animations and graphics over your display. There are also
many functions that allow you to display objects, pictures and texts with
over 150 cool transition effects, or scale graphics and animations. You can
also 24-bit fade objects, text and pictures smoothly. With the new Hollywood
layers nothing is impossible: You have full control over the position,
transparency and light settings of every layer which allows you to realize
almost everything!

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