awk-1.0 ready for download

Date 25-Jan-2006 16:26:12
Topic: Software News

Awk is a programming language whose basic operation is to search a set of files for patterns, and to perform specified actions upon lines or fields of lines which contain instances of those patterns.

It is used by lots of shell scripts (in the *nix world), and almost by every configure script... so it is very usefull for porters

Hope You will make use of it.

The new version is updated to the latet changes from OpenBSD, and made it supports environmental settings.

For any comments on the port, bugrepports, and posible bugfixes, pleae send me an email.

You are able to download the files on my website and as soon as it gets approved, on OS4Depot and AmiNet.

Best regards,
hnl_dk - Henning Nielsen Lund


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