RSS news feeds from Amigarulez and Safir

Date 31-Jan-2006 1:41:56
Topic: Internet News

You can now get access to the RSS news feeds from the Swedish news sites Amigarulez and Safir.
Access with a RSS-client for your favourite OS, RSS-clients exists for most OS:es out there.
Clients for AmigaOS4 and AmigaOS3.x.

If you have a mobile phone without a native RSS-reader, you can surf to, where you can get access to the RSS-feeds from Safir and other sites by following the link RSS-Läsare

Amigarulez, is a Swedish Amiga news site and forum, it recently celebrated it's 5:th anniversary.

Safir (Swedish Association of Amiga User Groups), is a Swedish Amiga news site and forum, online since September 2004.

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