ADA Team relases a Update for the Soms3d Os4 Xmas version.

Date 2-Feb-2006 19:03:13
Topic: Software News

The Anime Development Team for Amiga is proud to present a Update for their
Silenthill like 3d Engine.
New in this version is:
Fixed Sound range
Add Silenthill noise effect!
Add Bumpmapping for the overview map.
Hopefully fixed several reported bugs ;)

The Update can be downloadet from

Follow Problems that might appear:

Problem: Game is too dark
Solution: edit config.cfg in maindir and set vid_gamma 150 to a higher value.

Problem: Runs tooooo slow
Solution: Check if you got enought Video mem...if you got enought edit in config.cfg the max texturesize from 512 to 256(carefull this makes textures look uglier on your radeon) and the
vid_depth 32 entry to vid_depth 16(also doesnt make it look nicer exept you got the dither env var enabled (set env Warp3d/Radeon/Dither on);).

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