New Rules for Tools for BarsnPipes OS4

Date 8-Feb-2006 11:54:09
Topic: Software News

After several weeks of hard work I have finalised the "New Rules For Tools" for BarsnPipes OS4.
This is the first release, which I've made since I'm working on BarsnPipes New.
It was really a hard piece of work and has now more than 18000 (!) lines.

The archive contains:

- The "New Rules for Tools Guide" especially prepared for the OS4-version of BarsnPipes.
(Adaptations to the other ports - MorphOS - AMIGA classic - will follow.)
- the header file
- examples
- templates
- utils

With this "New Rules for Tools" I want to encourage, to write more Tools/Accessories for BarsnPipes. Also it is possible, to port Tools/Accessories to OS4, if the source is available.

You can download it here:
New Rules For Tools

Hopeful that you enjoy the material.

Alfred Faust

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