AmigaWorld IRC Network upgraded

Date 8-Feb-2006 19:29:20
Topic: Internet News

Just wanted to let you guys know that we have upgraded the IRC Network. We are now running a new major version of the ircd software. The upgrade also let us set some new parameters so that the IRC experience is a tad better.

  • Logon shouldn't check ident anymore which leads to faster connections.

  • Stricter IRCOp handling, only IRcops are affected though.

  • Join after split shouldn't spew out lots of mode changes by Services.

Feel free to give us feedback, be that complaints or praise ;)

We also got back an old US server, which means we have two US servers and 4 European servers, in total 9 servers including the hubs.

They can all be reached by, European by and US based ones with

To join #AmigaWorld channel simply click irc:// or /join #amigaworld with regular clients.

More info on

added Your friendly neighborhood ircops- mossup, nicomen, Orgin, Alchemy, DaveyD, Davep, wegster, OctoPuSS

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