GNU make 3.81beta4 with job and archive support

Date 11-Feb-2006 15:30:20
Topic: Software News

This is a self-contained port of the latest GNU make for AmigaOS.

New in this version:
- merged with official 3.81beta4 code base
- now filters out env vars containing ".cfg" sub-string

- changed wait() to avoid infinite looping
- compiled with GCC 4.0.2 and clib2 1.198
- removed job launch delay
- now uses new dos.library features to eliminate spawning extra processes and environment fiddling
- return code is now left untouched; this may break some Amiga-only makefiles but it will ensure correct behaviour for all UN*X makefiles so I think it is worth it
- fixed Makefile.AmigaOS to enable parallel make
- added automatic dependency generation to Makefile.AmigaOS
- added archive support (e.g. foolib(hack.o))
- requires at least AmigaOS 4.0 update 4 to work correctly

Grab it from OS4Depot today.

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