Small OS4 equivalent of OpenURL shell command on Aminet

Date 13-Feb-2006 13:28:44
Topic: Software News

PopURL is an equivalent OpenURL command written from scratch for OS4. The OS4 openurl.library archive now contains a working OpenURL command and the only advantage of this version is now size. It should work the same as the original but should be considered beta with no guarantees, implied or otherwise. Enter PopURL "?" for the command template which is more or less self explanatory.

You can rename PopURL to anything you like, including "OpenURL". Popurl "" will call openurl.library to open the URL in the browser set in your OpenURL prefs. This command can be useful in programs that do not have direct openurl.library support.

Version 1.1 adds the capability of use as a default tool in an html project icon, some documentation, and error requesters if PopURL is used as a default project tool.

Version 1.2 adds the capability of using PopURL as the default tool in a default icon like "def_html" in ENVARC:Sys. Clicking on a default icon for an html file that has no "real" icon will then open the file in the Browser set in OpenURL prefs.

Version 1.3 is a minor update/optimization with no added functionality. Hopefully it is the final version.

Version 1.4 is recompiled to work with OS4 openurl.library.

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