AmigaTesters needed for AmigaRadio

Date 13-Mar-2003 10:59:06
Topic: News

As you know on march 20th AmigaRadio will be broadcasting for 3 hours only for our first test transmission. I will be hosting the first hour of the show and there will be a playlist avalible.

We need Amiga Listeners and PC listeners to test our transmission to the fullest. Unfortunately at present time shout cast is our only option. Until we finally go live, our main host will be live356 for a wider audience.
Equipment used:
For our main Broadcaster Streaming Equipment:
PC Pentium 3 800 MHz
140Gig Hard Drive
128Graphics Geforce ti200
1Gig of Ram
Windows XP Professional
For Storing Modules:
Amiga A1200
32 meg of Ram
Both are linked.
These are the studio equipment, it does not mean you need the same setup.
Any basic streaming software that supports shoutcast or play list can listen.

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