New Iconlauncher released (0.3beta) (Amiga 68K)

Date 17-Feb-2006 2:20:09
Topic: Software News

A new version of icon launcher has been released. This program is for 68K Amigas with an RTG system in place. It allows you to launch icons, act as a screenblanker, and perform as a jukebox all in one. Read on for more details.

  • Icon launch bar

  • Customizable

  • Skinable (6 skins included)

  • 3 included catalog files (catalan, spanish, english)

  • Text under icons

  • Selectable color text

  • Work with Dockies, (images around 400 included)

  • Sound support on click mouse over icon

  • Animated icon on mouse over

  • Added 1 nice screen blanker, more blankers soon

  • Added jukebox, you can listen your mp3 files when you
    starts your computer automatically, iconlauncher will play
    your songs randomly.

  • A lot more of new dockies, now in lila style XD

More new features will be added soon. XD

Download this release from Aminet.

Note: Can OS4 users please test this on their systems and let XD know if it works for them. Also, if anybody makes new skins, catalogs or dockies, please upload them to Aminet / OS4Depot.

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