AmiDevCpp and Aros for AmigaOS on new server

Date 17-Feb-2006 15:49:09
Topic: Software News

New Server for AmiDevCpp and Aros for AmigaOS

After the bad experiences with the speed and the avilability of our website,
we decided use three different servers.

Our new server is at
This server has a lot of adverts and popus, but is fast and reliable.

Please Update your links and bookmarks !

On our Main Server, you will find a preinstalled Aros Max Environment for Windows.
This is Qemu with a preinstalled HD Image and a ISO Image.
To exchange data between windows and Aros, we recommend a Program like UltraISO.

This Package is suitable as a test environment for Aros Programs written with AmiDevCpp. It may be also interesting for people who just want to play around with AROS.

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