WookieChat 2.0 now out

Date 19-Feb-2006 0:06:15
Topic: Software News

Versions are available for OS3.x and OS4.0 (in the same archive).

WookieChat 2.0 allows you to connect to Internet Relay Chat networks (IRC!) and chat with other users in a text medium in real-time. Some of the server groups are preconfigured to join an Amiga chat channel upon sucessful connection.

WookieChat requires MUI + custom classes: betterstring.mcc, nlist.mcc and nlisttree.mcc.

New in this release: DCC CHAT support added, Outgoing DCC SEND works on OS3 now and is compatible with XChat, Outgoing DCC SEND is much faster now (by a factor of 2x to 4x), AmIRC/XChat style multi column display added (optional, can be toggled on and off easily), AmIRC style nick completion added (optional), and quite a few bugfixes. More details are available in changelog.txt.

multicolumn xchat-style display, and default mirc-style display

Get it from os4depot or my site. It will be available on aminet too later on.

(Sorry about any bugs)

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