http-handler released for OS4

Date 19-Feb-2006 18:41:52
Topic: Software News

http-handler is a virtual HTTP: device for OS4 to enable easy access of web-hosted files from Amiga applications.

For example, you can copy archives from Aminet using the "copy" command, unarchive archives with Unarc without downloading them first, and view PDFs directly from the web very slowly, just like the Adobe plugin for Windows browsers

* Allows access to web-hosted files via a virtual HTTP: device.
* Supports Open(), Read(), Close() and Seek().
* Implements HTTP redirects (301,302) as soft-links - even works with redirects that point to local files.
* Optionally supports gzip and deflate content-encoding for faster download times, if z.library is installed.
* Will work through a (non-authenticating) proxy server.
* Can connect to HTTP services running on ports other than the default.


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